Build real estate
websites and apps
in days, not months
Repliers provides developers with the tools they need to build powerful websites and apps for real estate.

Why Repliers?

Building custom real estate websites and apps involves a lot of work that isn't necessary with Repliers.

Your user experience

Maintain complete control of how your websites and apps look and function; bring your own UI/UX.

Get to market faster

Avoid reinventing the wheel; save thousands of hours in development and testing.

Drastically reduce costs

Building and maintaining real estate technology is expensive; leverage ours instead.

Robust, fast and scalable

See our status page for detailed uptime and incidents history.

Expert help

We're here to help you and your team build the future of real estate with a host of channels including Slack and Zoom support.

Plug n' play features

Quickly deploy features that your users will love.

Filter listings in real-time

Filter past and present listing information using dozens of parameters in real-time.

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Build rich map-based experiences

Leverage our geospatial capability to provide your users with intuitive map-based experiences.

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Transform and optimize images

There's no need to host your own images. Use our CDN and URL parameters to request listing images in multiple formats and sizes.

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Display nearby, sold comps and history

Easily display nearby listings as well as sold comparables and history for specific listings.

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Request market statistics on demand

Show your users useful insights with context to their searches. Easily create visualizations and market reports.

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Automate listing alerts

Keep users coming back. Create saved searches that alert your users when properties are listed and sold through text messaging, email or push notifications.

Manage your user's favourite listings

Allow your users to easily keep track of and follow their favourite listings.

Send messages

Use our messaging tools to create marketing automation flows and 2-way communication between agents and prospects.

Plays well with others

Easily integrate Repliers with thousands of apps using webhooks.


Built by developers, for developers.


Use your imagination and our full-featured REST API to craft your customer experience.


Get an API Key
    "mlsNumber": "M123445566",
    "status": "U",
    "class": "ResidentialProperty",
    "type": "Sale",
    "listPrice": "2298000.00",
    "daysOnMarket": "4",
    "occupancy": "Flexible",
    "listDate": "2019-01-30T00:00:00.000Z",
    "updatedOn": "2019-02-04T14:47:22.000Z",
    "lastStatus": "Sld",
    "soldPrice": "2200000.00",
    "soldDate": "2019-02-01T00:00:00.000Z",
    "address": {
    "area": "York",
    "city": "Vaughan",
    "country": null,
    "district": "Vaughan",

Who we work with

Members of recognized brands build leading-edge websites and apps with the help of Repliers.
Supported real estate boards and associations include:
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Stuff we love 👏

Just a few outstanding examples of websites and apps that are built with Repliers.
  • Perhaps one of the best map-based experiences that we've seen. Quickly locate for sale and sold properties on the map in areas that interest you.
  • Visit Resmile
  • A truly unique search experience; Ettie offers a cleverly designed, easy to use layout for home shoppers.
  • Visit Ettie
  • Dwelly offers its visitors an intuitive search experience and is packed with useful insights and visualizations.
  • Visit Dwelly
  • Wahi's mission is to reclaim real estate for consumers by harnessing the power of technology in the service of truth and transparency.
  • Visit Wahi


Pricing & Add-ons

Contact us to request a full-featured trial account for 30 days.

  • Webhooks Add-on
  • Enables integrations and automation with other systems
$99/ mth

  • Alerts & Messaging Add-on
  • Automatically alert users of new listings, send email and texts between agents and prospects
$49/ mth