How Mave Saved Months Of Development Time With Repliers

“Repliers provided us with the perfect plug-and-play solution for our AI-powered platform. Without them our engineering team would have lost months of focus in developing our core product.” –

Raz Zohar, Founder, Mave.

About Mave

Mave’s AI platform is trained on real-time market data to take on and enhance a brokerage’s marketing support team. It instantly automates the creation and fulfillment of all agent marketing needs via text messages. From listing presentations, to social media campaigns, newsletters and much more, Mave generates the content you need and makes it available at your fingertips.

What Problem Did Mave Need Help Solving?

Mave required a solution that could seamlessly integrate with their AI-powered platform, enabling real-time interactions without the need to host their own data and media infrastructure, or develop their own APIs. As a new product, time to market was crucial, and they needed a plug-and-play solution that could provide reliable data and media support, allowing Mave to focus on enhancing their AI capabilities and user experience.

How Was Repliers Able To Address Mave’s Problem?

Repliers provided Mave with a comprehensive, plug-and-play solution that included real-time data connectivity and media infrastructure. This allowed Mave to integrate seamlessly with Repliers’ APIs, ensuring efficient data and media management without the overhead of maintaining their own infrastructure.

What Has Been The Impact Of Mave Working With Repliers?

Partnering with Repliers brought several key benefits to Mave, including significant time savings in developing their product. By leveraging Repliers’ product suite, Mave avoided the costs and complexities of MLS data engineering, allowing them to focus on their core AI capabilities.

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