Our Mission: Democratizing Real
Estate Technology

Even in a sector as dynamic and competitive as real estate, the power of technology has often been a privilege of the few. Time and time again, we see larger corporations invest in advanced tools, meanwhile smaller players are left at a disadvantage. At Repliers, we're challenging this status quo. Our mission is to democratize access to cutting-edge technology, ensuring that real estate professionals and companies, regardless of their size or resources, can compete. We’re not just dreaming of an even playing field. We’ve built one for you.

Simplifying Complexity, Accelerating Development

By simplifying the integration of cutting-edge features and allowing developers to maintain control of their UX/UI, we are empowering our clients to bring new ideas to market faster, while making the process more cost-effective too. This results in quicker development cycles, reduced costs, and the ability to adapt to changing market demands with greater agility.

Supported MLSs

We’re integrated with many of the largest MLSs in North America and continually expand our network.

Our Story

The Journey of Innovation: How Repliers Began

In 2010 Co-Founder Pat Arlia embarked on what appeared to be a straightforward project: building an SEO-friendly website, for a local real estate team. The goals seemed simple—showcase listings from their MLS and generate valuable leads.

However, Pat discovered that integrating MLS listings into the website involved complex challenges and what was anticipated to be a brief assignment, evolved into a year-long project. The result? Invaluable insights and the foundation for what Repliers would become.

Developers working within the real estate industry were facing universal challenges. And Pat saw an untapped opportunity to solve them and democratize access to real estate technology in the process. It was this vision that led him to partner with his friend, mentor and developer-extraordinaire, Sid Di Benedetto. Together they founded Repliers, to offer a comprehensive solution that addressed the complexities they had encountered firsthand.

Repliers Today

Today, Repliers has grown beyond its humble beginnings. We operate across numerous regions in the U.S. and Canada, proudly serving hundreds of clients. We provide innovative solutions to the very challenges that sparked our creation and leverage cutting-edge technology to tackle new challenges in building real estate applications.

Our journey from a challenging project to a flourishing, forward-thinking tech company exemplifies our commitment to innovation, problem-solving, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. At Repliers we turn challenges into opportunities, one solution at a time.

Our Clients

Our partnerships with some of the most forward-thinking real estate brands underscores our position as a trailblazer in real estate technology. Through our platform and suite of solutions, these companies have redefined what's possible, offering unparalleled experiences to their users and setting new industry standards.

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Our Team

At the heart of our innovation is a diverse and inclusive group of passionate software developers


Patrick ArliaCo-Founder


Charlie DeRiggsSoftware Developer


Max NikitishynSoftware Developer


Mahdi Raghah Software Developer


Kostiantyn Sokolinskyi Technology Lead


Tatyana Remayeva Product Delivery Lead


Scott PetronisAdvisor


Sid’s Legacy

In 2021, the Repliers team honored the memory of our esteemed co-founder and mentor, Sid Di Benedetto, with a commitment to make a difference. We pledged to donate a portion of our revenues to cancer research, embodying the spirit of generosity that Sid always championed. This initiative has allowed us to contribute to several renowned organizations, such as The SickKids Foundation, The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation, and The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre. Through these contributions we continue Sid's legacy, supporting vital research and making strides in the fight against cancer.

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Career Opportunities

Does the Repliers mission resonate with you? If you're passionate about making a difference with your code, eager to join a diverse and inclusive team, and thrive in a fast-paced environment, we want to hear from you. Contact us to start the conversation. Let's explore how you can contribute to shaping the future of real estate technology with us.

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