User Personalization

We manage your saved searches and properties and use our AI to enhance search relevance and create a more personalized user experience.

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Favorite Listings Management

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    Personalized User Interactions

    Allow users to easily manage their favorite properties, through simple addition, deletion, and review of favorited listings.

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    Real-Time Notifications

    Ensure users are promptly informed about any updates to their favorite listings, keeping them engaged and informed.

Favorites Implementation Guide Favorites API Reference

Saved Search Management

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    Tailored Search Alerts

    Notify users about new listings that match their saved search criteria, providing a personalized experience that keeps users engaged.

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    Flexible Notification Settings

    Offer customizable notification options, with alerts of varying frequencies for new listings, price changes, and sold properties.

Saved Search Implementation GuideSaved Search API Reference
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AI-Powered Image Search ✨

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    Enhanced Discovery

    Enhance search relevancy and present users with listings that best meet their needs based on their visual inputs, saving them time.

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    Personalized Experiences

    Dynamically fine-tune property suggestions to align closely with user preferences, making property searches more streamlined.

AI Image Search Implementation Guide

Real Estate API Features

Our powerful platform provides all the tools needed to quickly develop and scale
nearly any residential real estate application.

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