Property History & Analytics

Beyond the basics, our extensive offerings enrich listings with Address History, Comparables, Market Analytics, and Statistics Aggregation.

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Address History and Comparables

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    Rich Property Insights

    Share a property’s transaction history and comparative market analysis directly within listings, providing valuable context for users.

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    Streamlined Integration

    Seamlessly incorporate historical data and comparables, enriching the user experience without requiring extra API calls.

Address History API Reference

Real-Time Market Statistics

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    Customizable Market Analytics

    Deliver granular, real-time data tailored to specific user interests, enabling detailed analysis and visualization of trends.

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    Data-Driven Decision Making

    Create compelling, visual data presentations based on current statistics, helping users easily understand market dynamics.

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Real Estate API Features

Our powerful platform provides all the tools needed to quickly develop and scale
nearly any residential real estate application.

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