How Wahi Leveraged Repliers to Build a National Product in Record Time

Choosing Repliers was a pivotal decision for Wahi. Their flexible solutions and developer-first approach have been key in supporting our technology initiatives and ensuring seamless data connectivity nationwide.” –

Yasha Sekhavat, VP of Product & Technology, Wahi

About Wahi

Wahi is a cutting-edge real estate platform driven by a tech-focused team dedicated to revolutionizing the real estate experience through innovative technology. Their mission is to reclaim real estate for consumers by harnessing the power of technology in the service of truth and transparency.

What Problem Did Wahi Need Help Solving?

Wahi aimed to launch innovative real estate services nationwide with a rapid timeline. To achieve this, they required a partner proficient in accessing MLS data across the country, minimizing any delays. As a team new to the real estate sector, they preferred not to delve into industry-specific technologies. Instead, they sought a partner who utilized universal standards like Open API, ensuring the technology would be familiar and accessible to their team.

How Was Repliers Able To Address

Wahi’s Problem?

In addition to their core products, Repliers addressed Wahi’s problem by providing:

Developer-Centric Tools

Repliers’ developer-centric tools and resources empowered Wahi’s tech team to implement and optimize its solution seamlessly, ensuring smooth integration without the need for industry-specific knowledge.

Compliance Advice

Repliers provided guidance on navigating the varying requirements of different MLSs to ensure Wahi’s product was compliant with all relevant rules and policies.

Tailored Solutions

Repliers developed custom features upon request, going beyond their standard offerings to meet Wahi’s specific needs.

Personalized Support

Repliers worked closely with Wahi’s team, offering personalized support and ensuring seamless collaboration.

What Has Been The Impact Of Wahi

Working With Repliers?

Partnering with Repliers has provided Wahi with the flexibility needed to implement their technology roadmap effectively. This in turn has ensured streamlined data connectivity across Canada. Moreover, the Wahi team has benefited from enhanced operational efficiency, rapid problem resolution, and the ability to focus on driving innovation and enhancing their platform’s capabilities, leading to the successful nationwide launch of their services.

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