Property Search & Filtering

Explore our comprehensive suite of real-time search and filtering capabilities designed to meet any requirement, regardless of how complex.

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Advanced Listing Filters

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    Extensive Filtering Options

    Offer users the ability to apply a wide array of filters, from basic criteria like location and price to specific property features.

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    Optimized Performance

    Designed for speed, our filtering system delivers instant search results, even when handling complex queries with multiple filters.

Search & Filter Integration Guide Search & Filter API Reference

Geospatial Search Capability

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    Intuitive Map-Based Searches

    Enable dynamic searches directly on maps with advanced GIS technology, offering users an interactive way to find properties.

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    Precision in Property Discovery

    Cater to users’ specific location preferences by using geoJSON polygons to define search areas with high accuracy.

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Dynamic Map Clustering

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    Simplified Map Navigation

    Make it easier for users to understand the distribution of properties in different areas by aggregating listings into clusters.

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    Enhanced Application Performance

    We process clustering on the backend so you can minimize the load on the client side, resulting in faster loading times.

Map Clustering Integration Guide

Full-Text Keyword Search

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    General Search Queries

    Increase discoverability of listings through queries that allow users to enter specific addresses, property features, or other keywords.

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    Improve search efficiency with predictive text, guiding users towards relevant search terms and making it easier to find desired properties.

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AI-Powered Image Search ✨

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    Enhanced Discovery

    Enhance search relevancy and present users with listings that best meet their needs based on their visual inputs, saving them time.

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    Personalized Experiences

    Dynamically fine-tune property suggestions to align closely with user preferences, making property searches more streamlined.

AI Image Search Integration Guide

Data Aggregates

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    Insightful Comparative Analysis

    Offer users insights into trends, opportunities, and differences through detailed comparisons between market segments.

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    Enhanced User Experience

    Offer insights into property distribution and help refine search criteria via advanced filtering with contextual values and counts.

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Real Estate API Features

Our powerful platform provides all the tools needed to quickly develop and scale
nearly any residential real estate application.

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