How Pine (Formerly Properly) Cut Costs With Repliers

“Using Repliers as a replacement for direct IDX and VOW feeds has been a game changer for our team.
The Repliers API has allowed us to focus on our product as opposed to data access, cleaning and integrity. We’re now using Repliers to ingest data from multiple boards across the country. In the future,
we’ll continue to scale with Repliers and their API.”–

Khalil Ebrahim, Managing Broker, Pine

About Pine

Pine, formerly known as Properly, is a prominent real estate platform committed to delivering exceptional home buying experiences. The acquisition of Properly by Pine brought a renewed focus on optimizing technology and data management to support their growth and innovation.

What Problem Did Pine Need Help Solving?

Prior to the acquisition, Properly managed its MLS connectivity and data infrastructure in-house. This approach required a large team and resulted in significant infrastructure and personnel costs. Maintaining this complex system was resource-intensive and diverted focus from other strategic initiatives.

How Was Repliers Able to Address Pine’s Problem?

Following the acquisition, Pine’s new tech team re-evaluated their approach to MLS data management. They decided to partner with Repliers to streamline their operations. This involved deprecating their existing infrastructure and APIs in favor of Repliers’ real-time data connectivity solutions. This strategic move reduced costs and simplified the complexity associated with providing real estate search services.

What Has Been The Impact Of Pine Working With Repliers?

A partnership with Repliers has brought substantial benefits to Pine, including significant cost reductions in infrastructure and personnel by outsourcing MLS data connectivity. This collaboration has enhanced operational efficiency, enabling Pine to focus on improving their real estate search capabilities and other strategic projects. With Repliers’ real-time API connectivity, Pine has maintained up-to-date property
listings, ensuring a superior user experience. Additionally, Repliers’ scalable solutions allow Pine to accommodate growth and expand services without additional infrastructure burdens

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